Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting Big

So, I didn't realize Columbine grew so tall! Its almost as tall as I am! I probably would have placed it behind the Vibernum shrub had I can't even see the shrub behind it. Sooo, looks like I'll have to do some moving around in the early spring before things take off again. The lesson is learn as you grow, I guess!
Pretty shasta daisies smiling at the camera :)
I just love the Silver Carpet...I always forget how pretty the dainty little blooms are until I see them every year. Purple chives next to it...I often will pull off a stem of chive to chew on while I'm working in the garden.

Mango, wishing she were an outdoor kitty.


  1. Your flowers are looking very pretty, I love the daisies. Your first plant actually looks like it could be Meadow Rue (thalictrum). The leaves look just like columbines. I have a picture of mine in bloom on my blog today. Yours is much taller than mine, it must like where it is. I think the flowers are really interesting.
    Your cat is so cute!

  2. Marissa, glad to see a new post from you. My columbine is tall, but not that tall and it's not blooming yet. I'll have to check Catherine's blog to see what her Meadow Rue looks like. My Shasta Daisies aren't blooming yet, not even close. Yours are pretty, pretty. Your silver carpet with the purple chives makes for a nice picture. And Mango....purrrrrr!

  3. May-no see's somthing she likes! She would love it out here with all the chipmunks around! Bobby goes mental when I open the windows! :) Your flowers are looking gorgeous girl! I cant wait until I have a few free mins and I can stop by and see everything! Miss You Friend!
    -Holly Jo