Friday, October 9, 2009

New Seasons....

So, I realize its been since July since I last wrote in this blog....thats pretty SAD! Your wondering, "what happened to that girl??" Well, I finished school and started working fulltime as a hospice Social Worker for Asera Care. I love it! I realized very quickly, however, that my flower patch would be mostly on its own this summer...I just haven't had the energy or "ummmphh" to do much with it! Fortunately, by the time I started working, the hard work had been finished so I could mostly just watch everything grow! YAY!

We had a great summer and I thought I'd post some pics from our adventures. In August, we went to Swaziland Africa and in September, we went on a camping trip to Copper Falls State Park. Photos to follow! Thanks for being faithful followers :)

A pretty leaf that got stuck in a branch--Copper Falls State Park

Lee and I during our hike

Me with some of the children at New Village, Swaziland. The kids are beautiful!

Lee with his new buddy :)

A family we met during our walk through the New Village community.