Friday, May 22, 2009

I should start charging...

My mother-in-law has enlisted me to help transform her flower beds. It makes me excited because she has a gorgeous yard with SO much potential! She's already done quite a bit but really just needs my help to move some things around, add a few more things, and help bring it all together. Anyway, I'll post before/after pics when/if I get them! There have been a couple people who have asked me to help re-arrange things in their gardens...maybe I should start charging! Haha :) Just kidding...maybe.
Here are some pics I snapped this morning from my garden:
Iris in bloom:

There is a lot of stuff crammed into this garden space: Iris, Cats mint, Wormwood, Peony, Hens and Chicks, name a few. Its a pretty mix of things.
Tried to get a good shot of this peony bloom, but it came out a little fuzzy. Boy, the ants love eating the sweetness from these blooms!

Lambs Ear.. I just love the velvety texture of this plant! It adds neat variety.
More Iris in bloom. I was really suprised at how much taller the blooms grew on the dutch iris! If you look at the picture, its a significant difference. Is that typical? Also, I didn't expect the dutch iris to get multiple blooms on a single stalk. The white iris don't do that as far as I know.


  1. Can't answer your question about why the dutch iris is taller than the white iris. I've never had an I'm wondering why because yours are so pretty. I'm partial to the white iris. Lambs Ear is special, isn't it? Good luck with your MIL's flower beds. I planted containers for my DIL this week and also transplanted some perennials from my yard to hers.

  2. lovely photos, the irises are particularly fine

  3. The gardens are just beautiful! I love lambs ears and I've always got it in my garden. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my Blog the other day!

  4. Hi Marissa. You live north of me (northern IL) but our iris are blooming at the same time.

    I love the lambs ear too. That silver color really compliments other plants and it makes a good groundcover.

    My peonies are about to bloom just like yours. Can't wait for that.

    Good luck with MIL's garden. That should be fun but probably a lot of work too.