Friday, May 8, 2009

Bue Grass & Bleeding Heart

Blue Oat Grass. I've been getting more interested in ornamental grasses...they add such neat variety to flower beds. I planted this one last year...It has grown a lot even since I snapped the below picture. I love how it stays in a mound.
The blooms on this bleeding heart are so delicate! This is actually the first year I've seen it bloom since last year mom gave it to sprouted as a seedling in her yard in Michigan. Maybe it'll produce some seedlings that I can plant elsewhere in the beds...I don't think I could ever have too many Bleeding Hearts :)
The Rhododendron is in full bloom! It is still a small will be great in a few years when its had a chance to grow bigger. Planted underneath it are Coreopsis Zagreb which produces pretty yellow blooms. I was hoping the Coreopsis would bloom at the same time as the Rhododendron, but I'm thinking it'll bloom a little later. At least in a couple weeks.


  1. I love the bleeding hearts. I've had several seedlings sprout too and one is huge now. I hope you get lots more. Very pretty purple rhodie!

  2. How special that your bleeding heart came from your mom's garden. The rhododendron flowers are so pretty. There was one in our yard when we moved here....only lasted a few years. Don't think it got enough protection from the harsh winter weather.

  3. Bleeding hearts are favorites of mine - remind me of when I was a kid - my mom always had them. They're so pretty, and so totally unique. Nice foliage too.

  4. Hi Marissa, that's a pretty rhody. I'm starting to be interested in grasses too and who knew there are so many different types? Bleeding of my favorite spring blooms :)

  5. Bleeding hearts are one of my favorites, too. You certainly have a way with flowers, and your camera!

    When you have a moment, stop by my blog (Angela Recada) to pick up the One Lovely Blog Award I've given you!

  6. Your Bleeding Hearts are lovely. Wonderful they came from your Mother's garden.