Monday, February 6, 2012

Time's are changing...

Friday I was finally offered the job at Shawano County! I will be working in the Long-term support dept. The week seemed to DRAG on as I waited for either a phone call or a denial letter in the mail. I did have a sense of peace that whatever was supposed to be would be. I'm so thankful that I believe in a God that I can trust in for these things...I don't have to worry about my tomorrow, because He has it planned out before me.
This "cold" that I have been fighting has been absolutely ridiculous! I have never had a cold that has lasted over 10 days...I'm beginning to wonder if I have developed rhinitis related to this pregnancy. Apparently, up to 30% of pregnant women have congestion that is unrelated to a cold or infection. Since I still have a slight cough, I'm thinking its still the cold, but...come ON, get over it already! I've always been a pansy when it comes to stuffy noses :(
Gabe is now 18mos old + 2weeks...thanks to, I am able to track his age pretty closely. He is such a busy little toddler. We've been so blessed by him...such a happy, funny boy. Its hard to imagine that we'll be having another one. Makes me slightly nervous because I wonder how they can all be so great!
Well, I'm off to work...3 week countdown begins until new job!