Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Springin' Up!

Peonies are getting bigger...can't wait to see them bloom! I can't remember which variety/color I planted, so it'll be a fun suprise :)
These Iris are gettng ready to pop open...
These were the mystery plants that the previous owner of our home musta' put in the ground...so pretty, I'm glad they opened up.
Bleeding heart just starting to produce blooms. This is my first bleeding heart and I just think they're such beautiful plants.
I put this basket together to add a little variety. Pansies are such delicate flowers.


  1. Your Peony is showing some good growth. Hope it'll be even prettier than you expect. Is that a Silver Mound behind it? Bleeding hearts are one of my favorites. I planted a white one last year. Your basket of pansies look so inviting. They might look delicate but they sure hold up when the temperature dips down.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to see everything come up in the Spring, especially mystery plants that turn out to be something beautiful? I really like your hanging basket, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Hi Marissa, I just hooped my peonies this past weekend..I waited a week or two too long and it was a pain getting the stems up through the grids so I like your open ones better..lol. You'll love your bleeding hearts and they can be divided easily too. I was happy to notice lots of worms in my leave bags when I emptied them into the compost but I may consider buying them in bulk. I'm sure they would help speed things up.

  4. Good morning Marissa ~ I'm looking forward to seeing your iris and peony blooms. Your daffodils are great, they and pansies always say spring to me.

    Enjoy your lovely flower patch.


  5. Marissa, thanks for stopping by today. Love your pics. I miss my bleeding heart - it was an heirloom from grandpa. Maybe time to get a new one. What a cool yard - frogs & bunnies.

    Peonies are so fun to watch progress. Have a great day!