Monday, June 15, 2009

Is "Peony" plural?

I love the deep pink of this peony. This is the first summer that I've ever had peonies since I'm new to gardening and all...last summer, I was driving around the neighborhood and saw these gorgeous flowers! I had to find out what they were and I HAD to get some. So, now, I have peonies! I'd like to research more about peony varieties...
These lighter pink peony have a stronger fragrance than the dark pink peony. Not sure why...
Oh yea...and is "Peony" plural or is the plural word "Peonies"? Just curious, really.... I figured some of you gardening guru's would know the answer!


  1. Marissa, your gardening enthusiasm comes through loud and clear in your blog. I like that about you. The plural of peony may be peonies, but I'm no gardening guru...just an old gardener. No peonies in our yard, I'm sad to say. Interesting that the lighter color is more fragrant than the darker one.

  2. I love your peonies (I think that's what it is, but no guru either). I could just stand and smell them all day. I've been wanting a pink one, but no room right now.
    I have 'Festiva Maxima' and didn't know anything about it, but it turns out it's a very fragrant variety. It's mostly white. I wonder if the lighter ones are all more fragrant?

  3. I'm going with peonies as the plural too. And I am definitely no gardner but am the grandaughter of an amazing one and sister to a Master Gardener! I was in the wrong line when the green thumbs were being handed out!
    I have a great peony story. We had a beautiful magenta double tree peony by the kitchen door of the house I grew up in. My Dad nurtured that thing for years and finally one year it quit producing flowers. That was about the same time as he got really sick with Alzheimers. He did try to give it fertilizer and make it flower but for years it did not. Then he spent two years in a nursing home and he passed away in mid May. Wouldn't you know it...that tree peony had at LEAST twenty HUGE blossoms on it that year. Bigger and better than ever! We always took it as a sign that Dad was ecstatically happy being in heaven! xo