Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ticks and Turkey

Lee and I went turkey scouting today for his spring bow hunt. It was really pretty out in the woods...wish I woulda' taken my camera.
Tonight, however, was not so pretty...putting on my pj's and noticed two ticks on my abdomen! Yuck-0! Those things always give me the heebie jeebies! I didn't think of snapping a pic of those either in the midst of my screeching :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


This past Sunday, we discovered a bunnie nest in our backyard. Unfortunately, two of them were victims of our chocolate lab's desire to make everything his play toy :( He didn't know any better, but I couldn't help but be mad at him for a little bit that day!
So, these three remain and I enjoy checking up on them every so often. The mother only returns at night to feed and care for them...the mothers stay away during the day to prevent attracting predators.

More spring growth!

Hosta...can't remember which variety
Bleeding Heart

Blanket Flower

One of my favorite flowers...Anemone

Mystery Plants

I cannot remember what these plants are called and don't really remember putting them in the ground last year...can anyone help me out here? The ones I'm taking about on the right are the ones with the longer stems...They are about to bloom...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Signs of spring!

I never even planted this Grape Hyacinth...musta been there before we moved in and decided to come up this year! I may get more to give it some company :)
Hen and Chicks are doing well and starting to turn from red to green. I think they are so pretty. Added some stone to the bed and will be getting a bit more..
Behind them, Peony are coming up. I was suprised to see at least 3 different stalks coming up when I only put one in the ground last fall. I'm really glad, though because they have got to be one of my favorite flowers...yay!

I think these tulips are just SO pretty! What color they would be was truly a mystery because they too were here when we moved into the house. Whoever lived here prior had let them get WAY overcrowded, so I saw only one bloom last spring...and it was a dark red. To see these peachy/pink ones come up was a suprise! I love the yellow at the bottom of the cup...so dainty :)

This morning, I took this picture and by this afternoon, they had opened up!
Behind the tulips is a hardy mum plant making its way back. I had no idea mums got so big...last year, the thing looked like a shrub!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some of Last summer's flowers

Rusty enjoying a sunny day...
Snaps and Phlox were amazing too..
Moss roses looked sweet in this container & I was suprised how long they lasted into Fall!

The zinnias got about twice as tall last year...I attribute it to the lama beans!
Also, geraniums from our wedding ceremony...I'm pretty proud that I've kept them alive even after two years!

Getting Started

So, after reading lots of other people's gardening blogs, I've decided to start my own :) I have learned so much from what other people have posted and figure...maybe someone else can learn from what I've done!
I am only in my 2nd summer of learning how to garden, so don't expect too much!
Is all about learning as you go, making things better each season, and COMPOST! Haha!
Thanks to mom and dad for hooking me up with worm castings, Monica for donating bags of kitchen waste, and the Krause's for lots and lots of pounds of lama beans!