Friday, April 24, 2009

Signs of spring!

I never even planted this Grape Hyacinth...musta been there before we moved in and decided to come up this year! I may get more to give it some company :)
Hen and Chicks are doing well and starting to turn from red to green. I think they are so pretty. Added some stone to the bed and will be getting a bit more..
Behind them, Peony are coming up. I was suprised to see at least 3 different stalks coming up when I only put one in the ground last fall. I'm really glad, though because they have got to be one of my favorite flowers...yay!

I think these tulips are just SO pretty! What color they would be was truly a mystery because they too were here when we moved into the house. Whoever lived here prior had let them get WAY overcrowded, so I saw only one bloom last spring...and it was a dark red. To see these peachy/pink ones come up was a suprise! I love the yellow at the bottom of the dainty :)

This morning, I took this picture and by this afternoon, they had opened up!
Behind the tulips is a hardy mum plant making its way back. I had no idea mums got so big...last year, the thing looked like a shrub!


  1. Isn't it great when those signs of spring finally start showing up? I hope you get lots of peonies to enjoy. They are one of my favorites too!

  2. It must be fun for you to discover what's growing in your yard...plants that were planted by previous owner/owners.

  3. Those tulips are just gorgeous! I love the thought of waiting to see what gifts have been left behind for you! Your blog is lovely.