Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some of Last summer's flowers

Rusty enjoying a sunny day...
Snaps and Phlox were amazing too..
Moss roses looked sweet in this container & I was suprised how long they lasted into Fall!

The zinnias got about twice as tall last year...I attribute it to the lama beans!
Also, geraniums from our wedding ceremony...I'm pretty proud that I've kept them alive even after two years!

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  1. Geraniums from your wedding. That's pretty sweet. Some marriages don't even last that long. I have that very same container where your moss roses are growing and also use it for an outside container. Love, love the snapdragons. I had nice tall ones like that last year and they attracted LOTS of hummingbirds. It all looks very pretty. Good photos. Rusty is pretty cute, too.